Friday, March 7, 2014

Exceptionally Worthless Tool

Daily Draw: Etteilla Tarot ~ Chaos

This is an odd card typical of the Etteilla; numbered one, titled Ideal and Wisdom, and when paired with other cards, to be read as Consultant, and in the companion book, titled Chaos.

I'm reminded by this card of ideals. Did I ever have any? I doubt it. Rolling through life like a tumbleweed seems to have been my method of going along. And it shows in the cards, the Wheel is the card I've pulled the most since I started doing a daily card. Hindsight shows me how different things could have been if I'd done this or that, but hindsight is a exceptionally worthless planning tool.

Chaos often breed life, when order breeds habit." ~ Henry Adams 1838-1918

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