Sunday, March 30, 2014

Monkey See Monkey Don't

Daily Draw: Da Vinci Enigma Tarot ~ Justice/Experience

Dimmi: How does experience inform your integrity? 
Where do you need to be just or impartial in this matter?
Much of my experience is from a lifetime of observation, seeing the results when lack of integrity is exposed. Those who dish it out seem to travel along in a cloud of oblivion, the receivers stagger through life with wounds that never heal.

Justice should be impartial. I often forget that from my lofty keyboard. Mother was in her bad betty eight year old mode most of yesterday. In the night I had the bright idea to tell her no breakfast until she picks up her trash. I am reminded by this card that would be far from impartial, it would be me in my own eight year old mode, getting back. There is no getting back with dementia, what was I thinking? If mother is my job, it is me who cleans up the messes and keeps the ship on target. Period.

Da Vinci Enigma Tarot, St. Martin's Press 2005. Softcover 144 page book Caitlin Matthews. All illustrations from Di Vinci's work, credited to dozens of universities and museums.  Many of the majors have been renamed and each card has a Dimmi or 'tell me'.


  1. Dang it, this drawing alone makes me want to buy this deck...
    It is so easy for me to be objective and detached when it comes to other people's stuff. But mine? Not so much.

    1. Hi Ladies

      This is one of my favourite decks. Just seeing it here warmed me up inside. The cards are like little art postcards. Not all of them make immediate sense, but when you read the book, everything slots together. It is all done very well. It got a panning from many, but unlike a lot of decks, this one really gets you thinking. The book is a great springboard and the drawings are very emotive.

      Look forward to more draws with this one, Sharyn!

  2. One of my favorites also. I like the LoS one too, but it is in my sale box, didn't make this year's cull.
    Thank you both for stopping by!


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