Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Power Stick

Daily Draw: Etruscan Tarot ~ 5 of Swords

Ain't it the truth...

Power Stick
Leave the room
Leave the house
Leave the planet

"Is it worthwhile that we jostle a brother bearing his load on the road of life? Is it worthwhile that we jeer at each other, in blackness of heart, that we war to the knife?  ~ Joaquin Miller 1837-1913


  1. Okay, that quote cut me to the heart. I want a stick (in my self-righteous mode) to use on a family member, but I suppose he is carrying a load that I can't understand. Well, damn.

  2. On the other hand he may have a power stick working you :)
    Think "my stick is bigger than your stick...yadayada" then make it.

  3. my earlier comment was frivolous and not worthy of the power of the stick.
    We build the power within us, has nothing to do with anyone else. I know you know that but I wanted to say it anyway.
    Thanks friend.

    1. Just now seeing the photo - lovely. :) I see you found a new home for it too (or is this a new one?).

  4. This is a new one, incorporating some special rocks. Made in a tearing hurry, I needed some help fast :)


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