Sunday, May 25, 2014


Daily Draw: Harmonious Tarot ~ Wheel

Lady constructs wreath while Cupid looks on.
Seems idyllic. But is it season related, advent, funeral, crown...and we are back to the Wheel.

I'm reminded by this card of the adage to be kind to everyone you meet, you can't know what burden they are carrying, where they are resting on the Wheel.

"An idyllic childhood is probably illusion." ~ Martha Grimes 1931-  The Lamorna Wink

Harmonious Tarot, Lo Scarabeo 2005, based on the art of Walter Crane.


  1. I've been surprised many times by people who seemed to have it all, then I discovered their "all" hid a lot of pain and difficulties. You just never know...

  2. When you get to know people they all seem to have a story to share, so yes loving kindness is the best way to treat people.


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