Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Two Beetles With A Side of Ants

Daily Draw: Henny's Tarot and Oracle of Eggs-pression

Hanged Man: Gift: New Perspective
                       Challenge: Patience

I wonder how long it took ancient man to move from herbivore to omnivore, or if the ability and desire were instinctual. Did you know two pounds of insects has more protein than two pounds of steak? Something to keep in mind when the world goes dark, while hiding from neighbors who still prefer meat.

Hobo Bindle: Simplicity Survive  Unattached

How much of my belongings would have to go out on the lawn before I reached the point of true simplicity with just enough on which to survive?
How much of my ability to survive would be dependant on not being alone?
How long would I make the effort to survive, without books?

The most abundant life-form on earth, insects are easily caught. Insects provide 65 to 80 percent protein compared to 20 percent for beef. This fact makes insects an important, if not overly appetizing, food source. Insects to avoid include all adults that sting or bite, hairy or brightly colored insects, and caterpillars and insects that have a pungent odor. Also avoid spiders and common disease carriers such as ticks, flies, and mosquitoes.  Wilderness


  1. Well that is certainly a new perspective. I think I would be on the brink of starving before I would eat an insect.
    Simplicity: My husband and I would often ask ourselves how much we really needed of our stuff after having been on a camping trip for three weeks :D

  2. I suppose if I could batter and fry it I might convince myself to take a bite....(especially if I was starving).


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