Monday, June 30, 2014

Exists In My Memory

Daily Draw: Creatrix Cards ~ Collaboration

I've made one collaboration quilt, with a friend who lived with us for a year. She is an extraordinary beadworker and has a great sense of color.

I hope you can pinch and pull this bigger to see some of the details. It no longer exists except in my memory.

"The secret is to gang up on the problem rather than each other." ~ Thomas Stallkamp


  1. Wowza, that looks cool. Before I enlarged it, I thought it was some sort of indigenous altar. Why doesn't it exist anymore?

  2. Hi dear Sharyn!!! Beautiful quilt!!! I like very much the design and colours, and the important message of the card. A big kiss and Muchas Estrellas!!!

  3. This is amazing The shapes, the colors, the.... Everything!!!
    You are so gifted and so is your friend

  4. Beautiful quilt, and love the quote!


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