Saturday, June 7, 2014

Failure. Betrayal. Thy Name Is Sharyn

Daily Draw: Legend the Arthurian Tarot ~ 6 of Wands

Commitment to change for the better.
I can keep my mother safe but I can't keep her happy.
Mother is bored stiff.
Combine that with dementia and the result is often dreadful.

Since December I've been working steadily on getting mother admitted to the premier memory care facility in this region. The difference between this facility and her former nursing home is night and day.
It has been akin to pushing a pea up a mountain, as mother hasn't got a dime. In this post I got the ok, she can come. Today or Monday I'll get a date. It is a wonderful place, she will love it. She does not know who I am, I'm just staff, the Company; there she will simply have different staff, a different Company but a much better one.

Failure combined with betrayal.


  1. My dear Sharyn, I am so happy for all of you! This surely will bring some positive changes for the three of you.
    Never ever think you've failed her. I know how easy those thoughts can arise.

  2. I've spent this whole year so far working through a similar situation. You're not a failure, you're not betraying her. You're making choices that balance what's good for her with what's good for you. Keeping you in my thoughts ...

  3. All in the name of Love = Sharyn. You are a trooper and gave her what you could at the time. I hope this is a move that benefits you both.

  4. Oh Sharyn, you have neither failed or betrayed. The dementia is out of your control. You have done your very very best with what you can control. This move is a victory. Perhaps in this new environment your mom will not be bored. Perhaps there will be moments she will know who you are and maybe even a conversation. Hoping so ...

  5. Woman, don't make me have to drive all the way out there to give you a head slap. You SAVED your mom from a crap hole and got her physical health better. You have managed to maintain a sense of humor and a commitment to find her a place that can care for all her needs, all the while putting up with stuff that would make Mother Teresa cuss. You are definitely not a failure - I'm thinking more of a saint. (((Sharyn)))

  6. You are not a failure. You are a hero.


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