Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pretty Please

Daily Draw: Minchiate Tarot ~ Strength

From William's book: In ancient art this figure was also named Fortitude and Constancy. She supplies the firmness that makes all other virtues possible.

I'd like to borrow a cup of all three please.

"There is no such thing as colossal failure. There is only colossal courage to attempt the impossible again and again." ~ Toni Sorenson


  1. I did have to look twice but this picture makes me think about something firm and strong and she is holding it so gently :D :D

  2. I thought I was looking at a male in a Viagra commercial at first glance. Then I read "she supplies the firmness that makes all other virtues possible" and cracked up laughing. Okay, I promise I am not 12...

  3. Yes you are. Your comment even went into the spam folder, the V word don'tcha know :)

    I thou.ght it was a pretty funny post too


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