Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sunflowers and Nasturtiums

Daily Draw: Ancient Feminine Wisdom Oracle ~ Carpo

The world can become as complicated as we like, but it won't alter the fact that without seasons and the cycles of nature and agricultural bounty it would all be moot. Kalama might as well be the Sahara or Antarctica for all the population it would support.

I'm reminded by this card I have't got much time for caring for a garden this year, but as an alternative I have 250 foot by 4 foot of nasturtiums planted in front of the split rail fence out front, and at least 50 foot by 4 foot of mixed sunflowers planted across the front of the garden space. Nature sustains me, when nothing else will.

"Thomas Jefferson recorded planting Nasturcium , Cresses, Celery, and Radichio in his March 1774 garden. Nasturtium is an edible flowering plant; seeds and buds can be used like capers, leaves and flower heads in mixed salads."


  1. M has planted a lot of sun flower,pumpkin and melon seeds. The last two gradually are taken over the garden.
    I like a garden the most when it doesn't require a lot of work. Just letting it grow by it self and clip away the excess shoots etc


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