Sunday, July 6, 2014

Maelstrom: Cluttered Mind Cluttered Heart

Daily Draw: Blum Rune Deck ~ Fehu

This rune is all about ownership. What we paid to own something and what it costs to keep it. That is the side we give little thought to. In this climate of acquisition we just keep getting a bigger house. Or storage unit. Or units. Drive down any side street in America on a sunny day. The garage doors are open and we see the reason their expensive cars are never put away. The view is akin to looking down into the maelstrom of a childs toy box.

I'm reminded by this card, I'm thankful for FlyLady every darn day. Because I eliminated a cluttered mind along with all the gimcracks, tchotchkes, geegaws; all the gotta keep becauses and in case ofs, all the do it because everyone else does, all the chains that bind us every minute of our lives. What remains is me.

"The point isn't pristine, but functioning. Start where you are." ~ Marla Cilley 1956-


  1. Yes Fly Lady rocks! and it all start with a shined sink and laced shoes

  2. What a beautiful rune card - I'm not familiar with this Blum's deck. Off to google "flylady".... :D

  3. he has published several over the years, took me forever to find this edition, ordered from somewhere in Germany I think. It has been so long ago I no longer can guarantee it is Blum except for the numbering. He ignored the Aett's entirely.

  4. here is something to help searching, artists name might help

  5. Interesting thought, what it costs to keep it... Those in case ofs get me more often than I'd like. Still, I clear out most things at least once a year, except decks. And I have an English title version of this one :)


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