Sunday, July 13, 2014

Micro Macro

Daily Draw: Moon Hare Oracle ~ Second Sight Hare

This hare reminds us to stand up, step back, see the wider view.
Living in a microcosm with mother it is often difficult to recognize or remember we are still part of the macrocosm.
It is hard to work up any sympathy or dismay when brother is bombing brother.
I don't seem to have the oomph to organize health insurance starting in September, let alone the rest of my life.
I have't dusted furniture since December, why bother when it just comes back.
What I do seem to have is the time to weep as I go around the business of the day.
I grieve the loss of my little sister, and not at all the loss of a mother who knows or cares nothing of either one of us.
Do I really dare step back and take in the world?
I think not. Today, here, is all I can manage for now.

The deck this week is the Moon Hare Oracle by Hannah Willow


  1. My dear (((Sharyn))) your time will come . Possible sooner than you think
    When is you mother moving out? Try to hang on, and for Goddess sake: Cry! Cry you heart out! don't bottle it up! Grief doesn't have a time schedule
    A big hug and lots of love from the other side of the ocean

  2. Perhaps you could step back and look at what is good in the big picture, though I know when you carry a heavy burden as you do, it's hard to see beyond it. (((Sharyn)))
    Beeauuteeful oracle!

  3. These cards are beautiful! I have just had a little look about for them online. I usually can't find oracles I like but this is lovely. Does it have much scope for heading?

    Steve (formally Prince Le Normand)

  4. Too tell you the truth I think they are fine for blogging, but a reading? Are you up on your hare/moon knowledge? ;0
    Just kidding, There are only 12 cards, 10mmX14.5mm so it couldn't be a very large reading. There is a lovely little digest booklet that comes with so there is some background on each hare, plus a small bag of river stones for you to inscribe the runes on, then pull a card and a rune for the reading.

    I love it because the moon and hares are one of my little mental indulgences. and because I looked for it for a long time on this side of the pond to avoid the big shipping charge.

    She has a website with three other artists who have similar tastes. Would love to shop in person at a fair!
    Am glad to see you using your name, but you'll always be a Prince to me.

    1. Aww, thanks Sharyn :)

      They really are stunning, but I think I'd prefer a few more cards than that. They are very meditative though. They'd be beautiful framed and on the wall too.

  5. Managing today is all that's needed! When my father died, I felt guilty that I had no tears, but he and I had let go of his life years before. It was only a formality for his body to go, too. So, grieve as you may, when you may, for whom you may - as Ellen says, there is no schedule. (((Hugs)))


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