Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Daily Draw: Moon Hare Oracle ~ Spirit Hare

This card asks us to live up to our potential.

I know I'm not, but did I ever?

"A sobering thought: what if this is my full potential?" ~ Jane Wagner 1935-


  1. These cards are so lovely; I see why you worked so hard to find them now. Did your set come with runes too?
    As far as potential goes, I would think that would be hard to measure without some sort of yardstick. And every person would need their own personal yardstick I would think.

  2. don't put the bar too high :)

  3. runes. there are a baggie of small rocks the artist has handpicked for the set. But you have to put your own rune script on them.
    Today my brain is so silly as to wonder what I'm missing by not signing up for peoples twitter/instagram/facebook/pinterest etc.
    Limiting myself to 2ish hours a day online limits my social responsibility :)
    sometimes it takes me an hour to do my blog post, doesn't leave much time!

    Haha at Ellen. My dad had back problems and sometimes he'd say when he got home from work
    "I feel like I could walk under a snake with my hat on" So we'll start the bar there, right? :)

  4. What does living up to our potential even mean? And by whose definition? I could have been a lawyer, making lots of money in the city, or defending the downtrodden. Different people would see one or other of those as "worthy". Yet, I do nothing of the sort. I live my life, care for my sons, read cards, teach occasionally, and feel far more fulfilled than if I had used my law degree. Am I living up to my full potential, even within my chosen fields, though? Probably not, as I do far too much multi-tasking! :D

  5. Gosh no Chloe, I'm not sure I ever measured myself by what someone else is doing. Although once in my late 20's and scraping by as a waitress I was shocked to find a local tv newsreader was the same age as me and where had I gone wrong :) to not be doing something more profitable and fulfilling.

    The funny thing about keeping up with the Joneses for wealthy or famous for whatever reason, there is Always more Joneses with bigger brighter prettier...where, down here where I live all I have to do is keep up with myself. Which I haven't been doing lately. But I'm coping the best I can with what I have on my plate, and don't beat myself up much. When our 'new life' (mom rehomed, Rob retired) I will go back to setting a higher bar. I've always been harder on myself than anyone else.

    But still...I think I'll always have untapped potential, and it is something to get up and look for each day.
    I've walked 250+ miles since I strapped on my fitbit zip May 23. I see that as finding potential time to better myself even with my full plate. I just do all my walking before she gets out of bed :) conversation.


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