Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rats Fleeing The Ship

Daily Draw: Blum Rune Cards ~ Othila

Can you make sense of this figure's muffled mouth? In association with Othila which bluntly means inheritance?

I'm reminded by this card, when the family is already dysfunctional (but aren't they all?) it is fun to see some true colors come out when money inheritance is involved. And when none is involved. Seeing the rats fleeing the ship...A comfy chair and a bowl of popcorn are the only requirements for this show.

"They could bear complacently the death of their father, while the loss of their inheritance would drive them to despair." ~ Niccolo Machiavelli 1469-1527


  1. Besides inheritance This rune is for me all about roots and coming home/ feeling at home. A rich sense of belonging
    So I don't understand the word Trenning in this context but on the other hand this is probable Blum's idea of this rune

  2. absolutely, inheritance covers a myriad of things, from the color of our skin, personality quirks, curly hair...
    but seeing that muffled mouth, made me think of how suddenly my inlaws can't do enough for their mom :) Except for what she really needs.


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