Friday, July 11, 2014

Roll Off

Daily Draw: Blum Rune Deck ~ Algiz

Defense. Rune of the Elk.
That beast on the card looks more like an moose to me. Or is it?

If I know I've made a mistake, why go on defending my stance? To what purpose? Better to walk in the light, let wrong roll off my shoulders and out of my life.

"We may imagine we are impartial seekers after truth, but we are influenced by our personal bias and we give our best thoughts to those ideas we feel the need to defend." ~ August Krogh 1874-1949


  1. I usually see this rune as a symbol of defending others instead of my self

  2. I thought it was a moose too. Either way, I suppose that rack on his head would make a good defense weapon.


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