Thursday, July 3, 2014

When I Can't Be Here

Daily Draw: Creatrix Cards ~ Free Spirit

From the Invocation suit, achieving Free Spirit. Mental, physical, and spiritual freedom are moving targets, difficult to hold, impossible to achieve full time.

I'm reminded by this card on film they are portrayed as (usually tiny blondes) off kilter, slightly mad, someone unaffected by sorrow or worry or doubt. I'd rather live in the real world, where those occasional Free Spirit days when all is right in our world are to be savored in the moment, and again and again in memory. That is where I go, when I can't be here.

"That zone of time and space, free from outside pressures, which is the incinerator of the spirit." ~ Marya Mannes 1904-1990


  1. Sounds like what Joan Borysenko would call a "Holy Moment Meditation." You recall some moment when your heart was full of joy or peace (can be a very simple experience), bring it to mind using as many senses as possible, then drop the visual and stay with the feeling. I have a friend who has studied the shamanic path for years, and she says this is what her teacher calls "finding your song."

  2. My memory lane is growing longer and wider every day. I love to walk there :D


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