Friday, October 17, 2014

Carnal Knowledge

Daily Draw: Roots of Asia Tarot ~ 4 of Wands

The deck I'm using and the deck I have scanned are two different editions. The scanned deck has the keywords carnal knowledge. My deck refers to this card as fruitful creation.

I'm reminded by this card of America countryside 1959, Our neighbor Vicki eloped with Herc. She was immediately kicked out of school for the sin of carnal knowledge. They didn't want the rest of us rubes to know what marriage entailed.
Skip to 1969. Two of my classmates brought their babies to graduation with them and I was so proud of both of them for sticking with school through their full pregnancies.
I hate to think what even small children know now when there are no limits of what they can learn. Probably carnal knowledge is the least of the problem.

"There are no things man was not meant to know. There are, perhaps, things man is too dumb to figure out, but that's a different problem" ~ Michael Kurland 1938-

The deck in use this week is Roots of Asia, republished by AGM AGMuller 2001. The original version was published by Amaravati Buddhist Monastery 1988. Artist is Amnart Klanprachar, the paint technique was done with fingers, knives, and rods. Accompanying 87 page digest by Thaworn Boonyawan.


  1. I am looking forward to this week with the roots of Asia. I've found a German version and I haven't worked with it a lot yet
    I am so happy my girls are grown up and know what they need to know

  2. Were you ever given the "sex talk?" Not me. I was left to my own devices. :) Seems like an open communication about all that carnal stuff could simply things for everyone.

  3. Ellen, you can see more cards/posts on any of my decks by doing a search for them in the upper left corner. Or by card, that is why I consistently use coins, swords, wands, cups, regardless of card title. one could have possibly been more clueless than I. Honestly. Even into marriage I didn't connect the dots between intercourse and pregnancy. My best friends mom finally took on my education.


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