Friday, October 3, 2014


Daily Draw: Runic Tarot ~ 4 of Swords

The Runic Tarot is astrologically driven, here we have Cancer rooted in comfort and familiarity backed by Sagittarius the eternal wanderer.

I'm reminded by this card the two aren't as divergent a pair as it might seem at first glance. If the ship is watertight and the captain knowledgeable, if I have my cards/computer and warm socks/doggies and needle/thread/fabric, I could stand a little trip around the unknown myself.

Adam and Eve   life or death
back and forth  lock and key
bacon and eggs lost and found
bed and breakfast man and wife
birds and bees   name and address
black and white nice and easy
body and soul   null and void
bread and butter peaches and cream
bread and water pen and pencil
bricks and mortar pork and beans
bride and groom pots and pans
by and large      profit and/or loss
cause and effect pros and cons
cloak and dagger pure and simple
coat and tie       rain or shine
cream and sugar read and write
cup and saucer   rise and fall
dead or alive     salt and pepper
down and out    shirt and tie
first and last      shoes and socks
fish and chips         short and fat
flesh and blood signed and sealed
forgive and forget slip and slide
front and center soap and water
fun and games  sooner or later
give and take    stars and stripes
ham and eggs    suit and tie
hammer and nail supply and demand
high and dry     tall and thin
high and low     thick and thin
hot and bothered tossed and turned
huff and puff    touch and go
husband and wife trial and error
in and out          trials and tribulations
Jack and Jill      up and/or down
knife and fork   wait and see
ladies and gents war and peace
law and order    wine and cheese


  1. Dang, that's an impressive list! I suppose once we label something "this" we've automatically created a "that."

  2. What a list!!! And how diverse and multifaceted life is due to this duality. Imagine if there wasn't a "this" and "that" and everything in between


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