Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sit Up And Gripe

Tao Oracle + I Ching Book of Changes
47 Oppression ~ 24 Turning Point

The Book of Changes suggest when life is this dark, struggle is useless. While we are waiting for the stones to roll off us, we need to be getting our mind right. It is a nice idea, but this list is like a facial scar or missing limb, these words are real, they have substance, and cheerful peaceful thinking doesn't dispel anything in that moment.
We do it because it is expected of us, so we are no trouble, so we don't make waves which effectively blocks communication. What is there to talk about, she is fine. On the other hand, a walk in the sunshine, head up rather than watching our feet is always a good idea...

The Turning Point is likened to winter solstice, that moment you know and feel the light coming back. I can believe and get behind that idea. We've picked up better than an hour of evening light in the past thirty days. Now if 'they' would destroy daylight savings time. Ridiculous in a 24/7 world. I guess if we can manage to sit up and gripe we're not too far gone. Turning point indeed.

I Ching 47 K'un/Oppression + Exhaustion
"An unavoidable time of adversity. Quiet strength insures a later success."

I Ching 24 Fu/Return
"A time of darkness comes to a close."


  1. These cards match Bev her cards perfectly!
    There is always light at the end of the tunnel

  2. We are running on parallel paths today. I'm with you on getting rid of daylight savings time!


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