Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Too Much Of Not Much

I Ching Book of Changes + Tao Oracle
55 Abundance

The Book of Changes likens this to the top of the tarot Wheel, and suggests pulling our various length life strings to us, considering them all, choosing the valuable, letting go of dross. Great thought provoking task, it doesn't take us much time to gather or do a lot of too much of not much.

The Tao suggests we are now at that spot, and to consider how in all our abundance, we can share in a manner that credits us without any showiness.  In that respect I have finally found something to do for my community, something I've been trying to come up with for months. I'm looking forward to it, perhaps I'll begin today. It is very me, my time my dime.

I Ching 55
"A moment of great influence is at hand. Prepare wisely and act accordingly."


  1. Now you can't just leave me hanging; my curiosity with drive me crazy wondering what you'll be doing. :D

    1. But wouldn't that be showiness?
      I'll take some before and after photos and email them. Tiny showy...

  2. A bit larger showy.... please???


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