Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Daily Draw: Enchanted Tarot ~ Chariot

I'm to remain single minded single focused today. Concentrate on the goal and let nothing dissuade me.

I'm reminded by this card the first Tuesday is always a mom day but not today, I have the flu. Normally I'd be in the Pacifica galloping toward town by now.  Already worrying. Already tensed up. Maybe I'll lay down and a fresh idea will approach my mind rather than me going to it. Sometimes that is when the best ideas arrive, when least expected...goodnight.

"Asking where memory is "located" in the brain is like asking where running is located in the body." ~ Dr. Ian Neath


  1. Sending some virtual chicken noodle soup, a box of kleenex and lots of healing thoughts your way. The only focus you need to have is on yourself! Hope you have some good movies to watch while you rest.

  2. Get well soon and take the time you need.


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