Saturday, February 7, 2015

Heavy Lifting

Eartheart Wisdom + Magic and Myth Cards ~ Strength

All my decks, both the keepers and the long goners have been used here on Quirkeries. The Tao Oracle being the exception until a few weeks ago; it was my personal meditation deck for many years, always on the big roll top desk upstairs where I practice my Spencerian script and write letters, real letters.

I don't know what made me decide to use it here, to expose it, and me even more than usual... but I did. And I'm still thinking on Too Much of Not Enough.  The Tao Oracle is gorgeous, and every single hexagram worth deep consideration, but it is also a harsh taskmaster, and for someone like me those hexagrams can tip to a darker place where there is no mercy or light.

So in consideration of my 2015 words of choice, Recognition and Reconciliation I am retiring the Tao as my desk deck and replacing it with the brighter affirmation art of Colorado artist Sue Lion to bring more light and lift into my life. Can't hurt...
Eartheart Wisdom and Magic & Myth, 30 cards each, which I've combined into one deck. Strength indeed...we need to do some of the heavy lifting to get to the light, I think these decks will help. Thank you Sue.


  1. You go Sharyn!!! Choosing change is a brave thign to do ! Choosing light over darkness is courageous!

  2. I've seen some of Sue Lion's work on JJ's blog. I look forward to seeing more here. :) Are the two decks the same size then?

  3. Thank you Ellen...
    Bev, Sue's decks came in tins with clear tops, and the card size is 1/4" narrower and 5/8" shorter than your LoJong deck. Card stock is a little more shiny and they shuffle wonderfully well.

    1. and the decks are identical in size to each other. She has a gorgeous animal oracle, but I know from past experience animal decks are mute for me.


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