Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's Complicated

Gong Hee Fot Choy + Tokai-53's/Hiroshige

Tuesday Wish: No complicated entanglements

House of Papers: 9 of Diamonds
Surprises. subpoena, legal papers, jury duty, or position offered in office work.

House of Vocation: Jack of Clubs
Relatives. Work with family, do something for, or they will do for me.

House of Marriage: 8 of Diamonds
Inheritance. probably jewelry or money. (bring it on!)

House of Happiness: Ace of Hearts
Home. Happiness comes via a good home and thrifty mate. (already came true)

House of Enjoyment: Queen of Clubs
The Inquirer in all houses. She makes many invitations, welcomes visitors. (I've just been thinking about asking my neighbor if she'd like to go somewhere this spring, her husband would be happy never leaving Kalama at all)

"The quiet and solitary man apprehends the inscrutable. He seeks nothing, holds to the mean, and remains free from entanglements." ~ I Ching Hexagram 10-2


  1. 8 of Diamonds: Maybe a belated "magpie gratification"?

  2. So how do you come up with the daily wish? Is that yours or something out of the book?

    1. I don't start with a wish, I think about what the total of the cards make me think of, if that makes sense.
      Did you see what I added to your comment, yesterday I think, about how the cards relate to the houses? It wouldn't take very long to become proficient at reading these cards. Its fun. I'll come back later and see if anything came as predicted.

      Thank you both for stopping by!

    2. Didn't finish my method. Normally you would be in front of the reader with the 32 cards laid out on the sheet of Houses. And you'd make a wish, according to the House, as each card is read. I'm doing 32 cards in seven days, so need a more generic wish.

    3. The information your brain can hold boggles my mind. I am constantly in awe. :)


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