Sunday, March 22, 2015


Daily Draw: Runes Blum/Gern 2001 ~ Trennung

Runes. Historically significant language, names occasionally translated by "I'll hazard a guess". I've kept five books on Runes, the names given for this one are Othila (inherited land), Opila (inheritance), Othala (own land), Odal (practical issues). Trennung translates to Separation (retreat/inheritance).

All that said to say...inheritance is complicated. What we might expect, what we may get, and how we use it. for better or worse. What we may in turn leave. How the state will divide it up if we are foolish enough to not have a will.

"Say not you know another entirely till you have divided an inheritance with him." ~ Johann Kaspar Lavater 1718-1801


  1. For me personally Othala is like the World in Tarot the last rune in the Futhark. A coming home rune.

  2. We will be rapidly spending down what little inheritance my mother-in-law might have left with her long-term care. We don't worry now, but we will once the barrel is scraped dry.


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