Sunday, March 1, 2015

First Impressions

Daily Draw: Pictish Lenormand ~ Mirror and Comb

I once took a loathing to a neighbor because his hair wasn't combed. Turned out he was loathable for a lot of reasons, but it has always bothered me I felt that way based on first appearances.

I'm reminded by this mirror and comb to reflect on myself, how I present myself to both inner and outer world,  Dressed, hair combed, braced and ready. Bring 'er on.

This week I'm using the Pictish Oracle by Beverly King 2013, 24 tiles drawn from the class one stones carved by the Picts in the 6th and 7th centuries. They can be found on Etsy via AlaskaLaserMaid


  1. My girls do find their mirrors and combs more important than me. Since I've cut my hair life has become so much easier :)

  2. My inner world probably reflects my outer appearance this morning, with my hair sticking up like a rooster tail. Funny how one often reflects the other...

  3. Hmm, I've not thought much about the way I'm presenting myself to the inner world. I spend a good chunk of time there and do often reflect on that world but not how I might appear to it. I also read this as inner world - home, outer world - city, outside etc. There's a clear delineation there for me.


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