Monday, March 30, 2015


Daily Draw: Astrological Oracle ~ Jupiter

Ah, the big Kahuna. When he is happy, everyone is happy. We often hear that proverb in relation to families. When (insert name) is happy everyone is happy. Not that it would ever apply to any of us...

This card reminds me of my moodiness as a teenager. No wonder mother eventually lost her mind. I haven't a clue how parents make it through the long haul, but good on them for managing to do it.

 "We speak of a person as Jovial, as being born under the planet Jupiter or Jove, which was the joyfullest star and the happiest augury of all." ~ Richard C Trench 1807-1886


  1. Was Jupiter more laid-back than Zeus? I get my Roman and Greek gods confused...

    1. yes, but they both flung lighting bolts when peeved..

  2. By Jove! When the family is happy, mother is happy. That was the slogan I was raised with. Took me a long time to see through this


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