Monday, March 23, 2015

Let 'er ride...

Daily Draw: Runes Blum/Gern ~ Unfassbare

Translates to incredible or incomprehensible. And depending on how you see it, the 'blank' rune, first introduced by Blum, sealed his fate when reintroducing Runes to the modern world; Mauled by scholars, his book has been published in many languages, with well over two million in print.  According to him he was an unemployed Harvard graduate 33 years ago whose wife had just walked out on him when he picked up a bag of runes from a bookshelf and..."So not only was I broke, depressed, out of a job—I was now talking to stones in the middle of the night."

So what does the heretical blank run say this morning? That I have several irons hanging fire, today the answer is unknowable. That not all wishes are meant to come true. Chance can knock even the most thought out and carefully laid plans for a loop. Let 'er ride...

"There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude." ~ Ralph Blum 1932-

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  1. Although the blank Rune is disputable it does contain its own value. Some things are only for the Gods to know :)


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