Monday, March 2, 2015

Lumine Motus

Daily Draw: Pictish Oracle ~ Crescent and V-Rod

These tiles are so beautifully and precisely drawn and carved this morning I did some deeper research. Guess what. The originals look like these tiles, they too were precisely drawn, hardly random squiggles of an illiterate barbaric tribe but features of a civilization struggling with keeping itself viable during hundreds of years of depredations by the Vikings, Romans, christians.  

This written construction has been interpreted variously as weather, death, seasons, sundial. I'm reminded by this tile of our own passage, macrocosm and microcosm, of the shadows and shadings placed on our lives by circumstances outside our control. Our life is a series of ticks around a sundial, the shadows move on allowing one more tick, one more chance, one more day.

"A lumine motus
  I am moved by the light."
        Maeterlinck 1862-1949  Measure of the Hours


  1. You made me think of Buffett's and McBride's song "Trip Around the Sun." :)

  2. This day might be a long day, ticking away the hours too slowly
    I will be thinking of you


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