Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Daily Draw: Pictish Oracle ~ Hammer and Anvil

As small villages began to form, out of the iron age came the beginning knowledge of making ore bloom into iron from applied high heat. The Smithy was often the big fish in the small pond as his skill and art was required by all.

I'm reminded by this card how easily something we didn't know existed morphs into something we have to have. How much we miss those things when they break or wear out. Modern manufacturing and the use of vehicles rather than horses spelled the end of the village smithy with his alchemy and usefulness. I wonder what he morphed into? The hardware store perhaps? Auto body shop?

"The Crucible
Forge Your Own Blacksmithing Tools
March 4-March 31 2015
Wednesday 7-10pm
Price: $445.00"

(for those interested, what appeared to be a mass on my mammogram last week, disappeared completely in yesterday's retake. happy camper here!)


  1. I met a local woman smithy; she did interesting things with old silverware, as well as made unusual home decor type items.

  2. I can't imagine my misery when my laptop would be broken.:)


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