Sunday, April 26, 2015


Daily Draw: Chinese Tarot ~ 2 of Swords

Am I on guard against others or am I fighting myself?
Am I protecting knowledge or afraid of new ideas?

All of the above, sometimes. Her pose reminds me of the Hanged Man, who refuses the option to acquiesce gracefully. The plan today is listen think listen think. We've had a decent offer on our farm up north, with another offer pending. We want it sold, but it is a terrible wrench, giving up my sanctuary and koi and I'm a bit on the prod.

"Something I like to do a lot is just sit by water and just stare into it. I don't swim, don't fish, don't hunt, don't scuba, don't spear, don't boat, I excel at staring into space. I'm really good at that." ~ Iggy Pop 1947-

Chinese Tarot, art by Jui Guoliang, published by US Games Systems 1989. Recently republished.


  1. Acquiesce: What a beautiful word to add to my English vocabulary.
    Sometimes sitting quietly and doing nothing is the best way to come to a decision

  2. I imagine selling the farm must feel like allowing your child to be adopted by someone. Hope you find some peace with the offer.


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