Sunday, April 19, 2015


Daily Draw: Philosopher's Stone Oracle ~ Effort

To finish projects
To pull the heaviest lawnmower back up hill
To remember words and dates
To be a good steward of home and finances
To be thoughtful
To be of service
To remember mother in better days

To not be rude, churlish, mean tempered, short sighted
To forget velocity and mind the speed limit

"Be alert in guarding against relapse." ~ Horace 65 BC-8 BC

Philosopher's Stone deck, art by De Es Schwertberge from his Stoneman series, 40 cards US Games Systems edition 1991


  1. In all the years I've had this deck, I've never drawn the Effort card. I do like your practical list of where to apply your effort. :)

  2. I tires me out when I think of my personal effort list
    I wish sometimes I had a lesser sens of duty


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