Thursday, April 2, 2015

I'll Do It Tomorrow

Daily Draw: Astrological Oracle ~ Pluto

Pluto rules our dark side, our inner side. Release  and death, rebirth and regeneration.

Outside literal death, it is easy to just ignore the things we need to deal with, minutes lead to hours lead to a life that could have been better had we stopped farting around and taken a moment to cut our losses, evaluate our associations, crawled out from the ocean of clutter drowning us. To be aware rather than sleepwalk though life, to do it now, not the later than never comes.

"The only good thing about the easy path is that it is easy."


  1. I always struggle with the Roman names for the their Greek counterparts. The Greek names speak to me so much more like Hades for the God of the Underworld does

  2. "Sleepwalking through life" - oh to have the chunks of time returned that I wasted doing this. Though I suppose once aware of it, it is harder to pull the cover over one's head again.


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