Thursday, April 16, 2015


Daily Draw: Shining Tribe Tarot ~ Devil

If I ran the world I might suggest card number 6 be Love rather than Lovers, and card number 13 be Hate. It would open up both cards to wider interpretation.

I'm reminded by this card to me Devil is restrictive. You have to believe in such a thing to begin with, then be saddled with milleniums of mind numbing religious connotations. which lead to guilt, sometimes to the point of suicide, or worse, the 'he made me do it, didn't have nothing to do with me and anyway if I say I'm sorry I accept no consequences, ain't life grand'. But hate, now there is a subject to get our mind around. Self hate, family hate, religious hate, political hate, cultural hate, race hate, species hate, life hate...all having nothing to do with some creature called Devil.  The seed is always in us, and so is 100% responsibility.

My spell check isn't working today..."It is a poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word." ~ Andrew Jackson 1767-1845

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  1. I just finished a reading that quoted from (the Buddhist) Anguttara Nikaya:
    “Beings are the owners of their actions, the heirs of their actions; they spring from their 16 actions, are bound to their actions, and are supported by their actions. Whatever deeds they do, good or bad, of those they shall be heirs.”
    I agree with your statement 100%: The seed is always in us, and so is 100% responsibility.


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