Monday, April 27, 2015


Daily Draw: Chinese Tarot ~ Hanged Man/Hanging Ghost

At one time, and perhaps still, injustice without recourse was a legitimate reason for suicide in China. Whether approved by society or not, it is still a common reason for the act.

I'm reminded by this card, life will lessen most hurt and harm because time will invariably give us more immediate problems to deal with, but in the moment, suicide can seem such a clean out. I wonder if any of us can say we've never been even remotely or inadvertently part of the cause and effect? I said something to a grammar school classmate once that still scorches my heart and mind when I remember. It was a clever comeback. Once I thought of it, I waited and waited until an opportunity arose where I could use it. Unforgivable. Vicki, I apologize, and am so sorry.

Given or received; we have enough within us,
The meanest vassal and the loftiest monarch,
not to add to each other's natural burden
of mortal misery." ~ Lord Byron 1788-1824  Sardanapalus


  1. I have read very little written by Lord Byron, but this sentiment is definitely also one of mine. Life situations and people in general give us enough pain and trouble and criticism; I don't think we should add to the sufferings and discomforts of our loved ones, our friends, and our acquaintances.

  2. Amen Lord Byron; I do wish at times for a word vacuum cleaner to suck back up the words that come out of my mouth.


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