Friday, May 15, 2015

Sour Stain

Daily Draw: Da Vinci Tarot ~ 6 of Wands/Fire

Dimmi: What has been achieved or realized?

The companion book says beware of placing myself on a pedestal or glorying in the defeat of others.

I'm long past whatever age competition for jobs or status might have played a part, but this card reminds me pettiness is unattractive at any age and leaves a sour stain on heart and mind.

"Constant darkness is with us everyday, the darkness of the mind, the pettiness and meanness and hatred, which we have invited into ourselves, and which we pay out with generous interest." ~ Dean Koontz1945-   Brother Odd

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  1. Where do we learn this idea that we must "be better than?" Probably multiple places - parents, school, religion, etc. What a mess it makes!


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