Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Daily Draw: Celtic Lenormand ~ Bird/Hen

If I were to pioneer I'd bring goats and chickens across the plains with me, they are each multi-purpose animals and adaptable at foraging food a cow or horse wouldn't eat. My little flock of hens have been such a joy, I never tire of watching them and there were days, there in the dark time, when visiting with them was what kept me from going too far, surrendering to that dark.

I'm reminded by this card of Angel, my banty cochin. She is the only one of the five hens that goes broody. A broody hen will sit in a nest for weeks, in a pretend state of hatching eggs. Basically a non-producer...left to  my own devices, I expect I'd be a broody too. Content in my nest doing nothing but passing the days. I lift Angel out of the nest and deposit her outside, by herself. Two days is usually enough to break the broodiness, but for me and Angel, the broodiness gene is always close to the top.

Perhaps you'd like to spend some quality hen time with this blogger's HenCam? I promise, it is good for what ails you...


  1. I didn't know hens would do that. Thanks for the hencam - that was fun. :)

  2. ha ha I only knew broody to be translated as overly thinking and unhappy but is has to do with hens too:)


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