Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Clean And Serene

Daily Draw: Nature's Whispers Oracle ~ Culmination of Vision

Where does our vision and our truth part company?

I'd say inside my house. Over 10 years I determinedly downsized by at least half, maybe more. I avoid bringing in 'stuff', try to stick to needs. What remains is beautiful or useful. But it still doesn't look clean and serene... this is an A-frame house and there isn't much storage so things are in sight rather than in cupboards. My culmination isn't going to match my vision. It is what it is, a dream.

"Success is usually the culmination of controlling failure." ~ Sylvester Stallone  1946-


  1. I've been in clean-out mode the past week, concentrating on two storage sheds and a playhouse (now used for storage). One of these days (when the temperature is below ninety), I might attempt to clean out the attic (shudders).

  2. Forgot to say that sometimes having more storage space means storing more junk!

  3. Its hope and dreams what gets us going. And who knows what the future will have in store for you :)

  4. Josephine wall has some beautiful cross stitch designs on www.heavenandearthdesigns.com
    go to charts by artists and find her name


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