Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Daily Draw: Celtic Lenormand ~ Bird/Owl

Shared knowledge, an active watch, limited perception, night flyer, hunters.  I wonder if owls ever group together like crows or doves. They have the same life span as my banty rooster, four to fifteen years, depending on conditions.

I'm reminded by this card an owl knows what it needs to know to survive and that is enough. It isn't enough for us though is it? Our need to push the boundaries of knowledge and experience is what makes us unique on this planet, that and thumbs. I think we just got lucky via evolution.  It could have been us perched on limbs and owls tearing up the environment and working up to the first head transplant.

"It is just the imagination that flies,
While she is wrapped up in her bedsheets
like a nest." ~ Kiera Woodhull   Chaos of the Mind


  1. My goodness woman you should write a book with such a huge imagination!

  2. I'm coming up on 3000 blog posts, that is enough a book for me :)

  3. One of my favorite cards from this deck - I love owls. :)


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