Sunday, June 14, 2015


Daily Draw: Celtic Lenormand ~ Garden or Meadow

In this hemisphere this is the time associated with school and relative reunions, family vacations, camping out, picnics and barbeques, gathering at the swimming hole, weddings, all social in nature. I fail miserably at all of them.

I'm reminded by the cauldron in the rock ring for fire containment, fire burning merrily along next to a field of readymade fire tender, of how I approach social occasions. Enough said.

"They basically failed every social interaction test in the book." ~  Luis Parada

Celtic Lenormand Deck, art by Will Worthington, companion book and concept by Chloe McCracken.  Published by U.S. Games Systems 2014.


  1. I can relate to these feelings. Maybe that is why I love winter that much???
    I very much like how you use this deck

    1. I know squat about actually using Lenormands in the tradition sense, no memory and I'd have to look everything up. So what I get is me, winging it as usual.

  2. "of how I approach social occasions" - oh you do make me laugh, woman. :D


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