Friday, January 8, 2016


Daily Draw: Elemental Tarot ~ 7 of Swords/Wind

Do we choose what we believe or do we allow it to be chosen for us? Sale price tags? Expense logs? Voting records? Safety records? Age? Weather reports? Climate change? Bankers? Car makers? Cigarette producers? e-cycle follow through? Health value of supplements?

I'm reminded by this figure with it's head in the mouth of the tiger, the figure of open eyed innocence, of the confusion of multiple options in the foreground, in many cases we are a pack of absolute fools. I read it in the paper, I saw it on the news, it must be so...if someone else thought it, it must be so...?  We are born with a huge natural intelligence. Why do we allow ourselves to be distracted by ooOOooo, shiny?

"We live in a world of radical ignorance, and the marvel is that any kind of truth cuts through the noise. Knowledge is accessible, but seldom accessed." ~ Robert Proctor 1954-


  1. It has been interesting to watch what the fact-checkers come up with after all the statements made during the political ads and debates. :)

  2. honestly...not an honest soul amongst them. We don't even have tv, even so, what drifts into my eyeballs and earlobes is all an embarrassment.

  3. I don't watch tv much either. And you are right, we as a people are rather lazy when it comes to thinking for our selves


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