Sunday, January 24, 2016

Goes Against The Grain

Daily Draw: Lover's Path Tarot ~ Hierophant/Tradition

The story of Romeo and Juliet, standing in for the Hierophant in this deck could be a microcosm of one side of the history of the world. Who knows where they spring from but we develop passions and interests in the course of living life, and soon find out just how vocal or physical a society that opposes that life becomes.

I like my breakfast toast burnt. You wouldn't believe how many times I've been scolded, dissuaded, mocked over that simple pleasure. I think it is a lack of charcoal in my system that leads me to that desire, but believe me, it goes against the grain of a lot of people.

"Carbon itself is not carcinogenic: after all, diamonds, not known for causing cancer, are made entirely of carbon and indeed it's a major constituent of the human body. However, 'black' carbon like graphite and burnt toast has been touted as a possible carcinogen because it is a roughly flat molecule. Other flat molecules, such as benzene, are carcinogenic because they can insert themselves into the small gaps of the DNA spiral, disrupting DNA replication. However, I don't know of any direct evidence that 'flat' carbon can actually do this." ~ Speculative Science,

The Lover's Path Tarot by Kris Waldherr, 161 page book and deck published by U.S. Games Systems, 2004.


  1. Going against the grain of others is our God forbidden right. We are meant to be unique and true to ourselves even if it is to like the taste of burnt toast!

  2. Eat your burnt toast. First it was the Food Pyramid now the Food Plate. Don't eat eggs, now eggs are good for you. Organic vs unknown growth production(if I can get all my fruits and veggies in I doing good regardless.) The whole burnt food warnings are probably designed by the manufacturing sector trying to get us to buy the newest cooking gadgets guaranteed not to burn our foods. Please pass me the jelly for my toast!

  3. I had a relative who always wanted his toast burnt too! :) I eat ketchup on my fried okra...

    1. Okra??? ketchup??? Never will cross my lips :)


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