Monday, January 11, 2016

Held Up For Sport

Daily Draw: Harmonious Tarot ~ Emperor

Strength developed from self-control and wise use of discipline. (Heart of the Tarot, Echols). Drawing the Emperor card always gets my back up. Probably because I'm of commoner stock rather than the intelligentsia. All I see is arrogance and unearned easy street. A petty one sided viewpoint that does me no credit.

I did a Emperor search on my blog this morning and read through 18 past posts to see if I've had a varied or narrow viewpoint.  Mixed results, usually fueled by first impressions. I wonder, given the opportunity and time, if I'd be friends with any of these men. Or at least respectful. I sincerely doubt it.

"The accomplishments of the body are obvious and clear to all: those of the mind are recondite and doubtful, and therefore grudgingly acknowledged, or held up as the sport of prejudice, spite, and folly.”
 William Hazlitt ~ 1778-1830

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  1. I would advise to see him as a father figure, but some of us (raises hand) drew the short straw in that assignment. My problem with him is living by someone else's rules that I didn't have any say-so in.


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