Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lost Kiss

Daily Draw: Elemental Tarot ~ Priestess/Virgin

Shy and shameless, her story has not yet been written.
I remember those days. I dated my first boyfriend for several years, we never did kiss..

I'm reminded by this card that lost first kiss may have been because we didn't know we could.

"I put by the half-written poem,
While the pen, idly trailed in my hand
Writes on--, "Had I words to complete it
Who'd read it, or who'd understand?" ~ James Whitcomb Riley 1849-1916

Elemental Tarot plus 128 page companion book published by St. Martin's Griffin Press, third edition 2001. Astrologer John Astrop, Caroline Smith.


  1. Often it more about the moments before and after the kiss than the kiss itself :)

  2. Back when just holding hands was daring... :) Hope you are feeling better my friend.


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