Monday, February 1, 2016

Hie, Hie

Daily Draw: Art Of Life Tarot ~ Knight of Swords

I have a small stack of Moon cards gathered over the years from friends, love the Moon art in any deck. But I realized this morning drawing the Knight of Swords is the tarot card that always makes me hie, hie, onward and upward, let the games begin.

How many times have I hied on and up and hit a wall? Probably close to a billion. I don't care, I'd far rather 'get on with it' than sit around thumbsucking. Action will eventually get me to the right place. If not sheer stubbornness.

I seldom use a word twice in a post, I suspect professional writers and professors of writing could tell me why. So why so many Hies in one post? Because I apparently broke Google's word look up. It doesn't know hie, hie is the start button knights and cowboys use to get the horse going. Shame on Google. And it got my back up.


  1. I too drew a Knight today. Although mine is in a holding pattern and ready for action your knight is already out and about exploring the kingdom and gathering intel.

    1. usually mindlessly :) but eventually I get somewhere

  2. I'm a "let's get on with it" kind of gal too. :) Procrastination isn't in my genes.

  3. It is all about action on the blogs today. Must be the February vibe after a month filled with good intentions and resolutions :)


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