Monday, February 29, 2016

Make Haste, Create Turmoil

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Spirit ~ 8 of Fire/Wands

The Lightening Path. Are we hurrying because we are in a hurry? Because we don't like the task? Because we want to get to the  next one? Because something will  happen if we don't? Because we chose the path and are embarrassed to say it was the wrong one? Because it is so pleasurable we want to do it again?

This path could be diving boards, me making huge intensive jumps up and down, going for the big one, disregarding I do not know how to swim. Not only that little problem, but each  jump creates the next board and the next. I'm reminded by this card I wish I knew how much time I have, perhaps I don't need to hurry at all. Wouldn't that be a kick in the head...and would I slow down or go even faster?

 "The End of the Universe is very popular, people like to dress up for it, Gives it a sense of occasion." ~ Douglas Adams 1951-2001  The Restaurant at The End of the World


  1. I like the analogy of diving boards, a leaping off place. A new challenge. I just realize analogy contains the word anal, that is kind of interesting. Sink or swim I guess we all have to take the leap of faith sometimes.

  2. M always tells me not to hurry so much. I don't even noticed it anymore.

  3. On any given day, I could answer yes to all of the above questions. I think I'm getting one step closer, but then realize I'm missing what's underneath my nose.

  4. Time is such a weird concept. If you were given 10 years to live but only got 5 you would feel like you had been cheated out of 5 years. If you were given 1 year and lived for 5, then that would feel like you got a bonus 4 years. But in each case the time is the same, just the standpoint is different.


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