Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Rethink At The Top

Daily Draw: Chinese Tarot ~ King of Coins

The unemployment rate today is 5.5% for the US. 9.6% for the EU. I don't know of any businesses here that aren't actively seeking employees but there are masses of people drawing unemployment.

I'm reminded by this King he can sit on his can and smell all the incense he wants to, but it is a different world now and those at the top need to rework their business from the bottom up. Because it is the bottom that forms the foundation. This is what ABF Trucking has done. I'm quite proud of them, that is a ton of money going out to cultivate good drivers.

"What this country needs are more unemployed politicians" ~ Edward Langley

The deck this week is the Chinese Tarot, US Games Systems 1989


  1. I've got a friend whose husband just retired from the local ABF here. I never heard him say a bad word about the company.

  2. I know the politicians and the business executives keep telling us the economy is strong and there is low unemployment, I think its all a facade. This economic rebound came about too fast. It was the worst recession the country suffered and just short of a depression, and look how long it took America to recover from that. If businesses don't shore up the foundations of their business and take care of employees, dark days may be ahead, Then what are those Kings of Coins going to do? Hope you had a great day.


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