Sunday, March 20, 2016

Amor Fati

Daily Draw: Tibetan Oracle ~ Four Pillars of Destiny
Fire Monkey, Metal Ox                                                                            Earth Dog, Metal Rabbit

My study this week, read right to left, from the Tibetan Oracle kit by Stephen Skinner.  Carroll and Brown Publishers Ltd., 2005. 143 page full color book with 60 cards.

"Amor Fati – 'Love Your Fate,' which is in fact your life." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche 1844-1900


  1. Embrace youtr fate and then choose which way you want to go

  2. I think that deck would be confusing to me. Though I wonder what is it about 60 years - the time span between the years at the bottom of the cards. Also is each set a pairing or do they naturally look like they are getting ready to play 'pattycakes'?

  3. It isn't a deck you shuffle, you build your selections based on birth date. It is a lot of hard pressure on a small brain and it takes me all week to do it :) I think I did it last in 2008. When I finish this week, I'll go back and read that one.


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