Friday, March 4, 2016

Big Emperor Pants

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Spirit ~ Emperor

The energy, skill, competence to order and clarify, to work through (Banzhaf). Feeling pretty cocky here, our will is in order, yesterday we did our taxes, reservations and plans are in place for May.

I'm reminded by this figure's posture, he is in hanged man pose. and he is looking toward my living room. No cockiness there...mother lived in it for a year and I couldn't enter it without her shouting at me. The Emperor in me knew that was no longer my mother but all my heart heard was how badly I was caring for her, plus the all night shouting about anything she could still think of. Afterward I moved a couple of sewing machines in there and sewed steadily for months, taking back my space, outwaiting the hateful echos until they went quiet. And then I walked out. And there is sits. dusty and abandoned. It is time to turn it back into part of my home, to pull up my big Emperor pants and move on.

"What people resist is not change per se, but loss." ~ Ronald A. Heifetz 1951-


  1. Yes indeed, time to find some colorful spring fabrics and crank those machines back up! :)
    I could relate very much to that quote; it make not even be an actual physical loss...

    1. no, I need to turn it back into a living room.

  2. Deciding to move on is the first step. Don't berate yourself if you have to decide it a few times before you are actually moving :)

    1. decide a few times. Honestly that is the situation, you are right.


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