Monday, March 7, 2016


Daily Draw: Margarete Petersen Tarot ~ 3 of Cups

 "Sad and often thoughtless people, we cover our sadness with layers of so-called civilization, wrap our fears in popular culture, and never ever have the opportunity to face any of it and learn to rise above."  Amazon Review: Tracy Rowan, Little Bee

When I pulled this card my first thought went to Third World Nations and the book review above. I had an opportunity recently to travel in Africa for two weeks, first class accommodations, for $5000.00 US. How and why are immaterial, I didn't even consider it.

I'm reminded by this card, above all else, this blog is about personal honesty. I write glancing blow posts because it isn't necessary to blog the deeper story, I remember. I'm not going because I'll see things I don't want to see, learn things I don't want to know and it won't make me a stronger or better person but move me inexorably closer to the black place, the place I wouldn't survive again. Honest. Because I care too much, rather than not at all.


  1. I appreciate you honestly my friend. Each of us has their own way of coping.

  2. Precisely why I have to manage the amount of time I spend watching the news on TV or reading news online.

  3. It is a much better choice to not put ourselves in a position that would add pain and suffering on any level. I always appreciate your honest perspective on your observations of you cards, in fact a leading decision to do so myself. Thank you.


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