Saturday, March 19, 2016

Silver Tongue Honey Words

Daily Draw: Oracle of the Radiant Sun ~ Negotiation

Jupiter in Libra in the 7th House
Promise and Persuade. Justice and Beauty. Contracts.

Fundraiser, grant writer, mentor, social worker, all struggling to better the lot of others, working from the heart. Or the other side of the coin, grand schemes and highly speculative partnerships.

Not much income for the first group...except at the top, who are fat skimming leeches on the back of donors.
The second group skims too, big hooks looking for bigger fish. Can anyone give me an M for Madoff and a P for Ponzi and a C for Crystal Cathedral? Bless the workers in the trenches for not giving up on the people who need and deserve their help.

"The secret is, I'm always mad." ~ The Incredible Hulk

From Charity Navigator:
Donated to any of these top 10 money grubbers?
Rank Charity                Program Expenses vs. Professional Fundraising Fees
1 Disabled Police Officers of America                     6.9% vs.  90.6%
2 Cancer Survivors' Fund                                         8.5% vs.  88.3%
3 Firefighters Charitable Foundation                        6.9% vs. 87.4%
4 Wishing Well Foundation USA                             4.7% vs.  84.5%
5 Children's Charity Fund, Inc.                                 4.7% vs.  79.4%
6 California Police Youth Charities                         16.0% vs.  79.3%
7 Readers Are Leaders Foundation                            0.3% vs.  58.0%
8 Find the Children                                                   32.4% vs. 57.7%
9 New England Paralyzed Veterans of America 36.5% vs.  56.3%
10 United States Deputy Sheriff's Association          6.0% vs.  54.4


  1. Holy cow, that is shocking and disheartening. Thank goodness for groups that keep track of such greed!

  2. Add to that list The Wounded Warrior charity, which until recently had a CEO and other executives living the High Life and not distributing lots of the funds back to the Service Women and Men in need. It makes me highly skeptical of charities which is sad, cause some really do a great service. If I see someone that needs a little help, I help when I can.

    1. I read that. Which sadly colored my mind in Walmart last week. The man in front of me showed the clerk some kind of identification to get a discount on the vacuum he bought. He said he ran a shelter for homeless veterans.
      I 'wanted' to open my wallet and give it all, but that article colored my first response, and I stayed 'ungiven'.

  3. "Bless the workers in the trenches" Luckily it doesn't cost much money to do good

    1. We give ours locally, in person. There are 3 or 4 places in the area that work their hearts out in a good cause.


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