Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Daily Draw: Creatrix Cards ~ Loved

An acquaintance is being buried today. 27 years old. Suicide.

I'm reminded by this card I could write volumes about depression but the reality of it wouldn't sink in to anyone who hasn't been there. We know we are loved but the concept just slides down the side of our teflon heart. RIP

Art by Melissa Harris, Creatrix Cards.


  1. As someone who's buried family and friends for the same reason, my heart goes out to all those who loved him/her. Depression brings one's perspective down to pinhole size; it can't be "willed" away anymore than diabetes can be. Hopefully those left behind will understand it wasn't personal.

  2. So sad. Young or old when one decides that leaving the Planet is the only option. I have danced with depression a bit off and on in my Life, but never to the farthest reaches of the darkness others have lived with. My thoughts for all of those in the darkness.

  3. Oh Sharyn How awful. I am so sorry for this person and the people left behind.The darkness can be a lonely place because you don't see the ones who are standing right beside you

  4. That's the isolating thing about depression. No-one truly understands until they go through it themselves so the sufferer learns not to talk about it. So sad.


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